Google Just Banned My Ad Because It Was in Irish - Here's What Happened...

I just tried to create an ad in Irish on Google Ads.

It was meant to be for my new GaelGram online Irish grammar checker.

BUT my ad was rejected just because it was "as Gaeilge."

Turns out Google automatically bans any ads in Irish. 

Unbelievable! Dochreidte!

Tá mé an-mhíshásta mar gheall air seo.

I'm really furious about this.

Watch my short video to find out what happened...

Seo cad a tharla...


Join me in demanding that Google do better and support Irish language advertisers.

Níl sé seo OK, Google!

Leave a comment, and then send a "signal" to Google by doing a quick search for "GaelGram" on Google. At least then I can hopefully start advertising GaelGram and its Irish language website properly.

Go raibh maith agat!








  • Agus tá mé an-mhíshásta fosta…!

    A search for Gaelgram on Google turned up nothing…

    Barry McAlinden

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