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[UPDATED] How do you spell Focloiropedia? Is it Foclóiropedia? Or even Foclóiripedia?

The beautifully illustrated Irish language book "Foclóiropedia" is bound to end up in lots of children's Christmas stockings this year. But I was surprised to realise how difficult it is to spell its name properly when I was searching for it online myself. I tried a few variations like Foclóiripedia before eventually finding it on Amazon and figuring out the correct spelling.

[Update: Looking at Google search results it looks like most people searching spell it "Focloiropedia" without the síniú fada... I guess a future blog post on how to type fadas on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android might be useful!]

I'm planning to review the book fully early in the new year (after I've had time to read it over Christmas!) but in the meantime I wanted to share this link below to it in case other people were struggling to find it online too. So here's a link to the Foclóiropedia book on (via the Amazon Associates partner programme which will give me a small commission from sales via this link) if you're interested in reading more about it...

I take my spelling seriously but this word isn't even in our GaelSpell spelling checker's word list yet! But who knows it could be Cruinneog word of the year in 2018!

Front cover of Foclóiropedia book

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