Fada on Keyboard: How to do Fada on Keyboard - ULTIMATE GUIDE WITH VIDEO [2023]

It can often be frustrating to try to figure out how to do a fada on a keyboard. Typing a síneadh fada really should be more obvious than it is. But it's not always straightforward, and some other online guides are starting to show their age or are suggesting really old clunky ways to do it going back nearly 20 years or not always showing the easiest way to do it.

It's actually easier than ever to type a fada on keyboards - and software like the Microsoft Swiftkey mobile keyboard app and my Irish spelling and grammar checker GaelGram can really help too.

So in this blog post I'm going to show you how to get a fada on a keyboard no matter if you're typing on a Windows or Mac computer, iPhone or Android phone or even on an iPad.

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How to type a fada 

The best way to type a fada depends on the type of device you're using. Here are the most common ways to insert a fada... So let's dive in...


How to do a fada on Word

If you're looking to find out how to type a fada in Microsoft Word then it'll depend on the type of computer you're using. Not surprisingly, when using a Windows computer then you'll need to follow the Windows guide below, and if you're using an Apple Mac then you'll need to follow the Apple tips below for how to insert a fada:


How to type a fada on Windows

Here's how to type a fada on Windows computers:

  • Hold down the Alt Gr button + vowel for áéíóú
  • Hold down Alt Gr + vowel + shift for ÁÉÍÓÚ

The Alt Gr keyboard button is located to the right of the space bar on Windows keyboards. Sometimes it's simply marked Alt.

But if that doesn't work because your computer is set up with the US keyboard then you should add the “United States – International” keyboard by going to Start>Settings>Time & Language> ...Region&language> Languages>Options> ...Add a Keyboard. This videos shows how:


By the way, if you are using the US keyboard layout and you don't want to change your keyboard settings, then you can type a fada on a keyboard like this even though it's a bit more awkward: 

  • Hold down the Ctrl and apostrophe ' buttons at the same time, then let go, and press the vowel you want for áéíóú
  • Hold down the Ctrl and apostrophe ' buttons at the same time, release them and then press the vowel + shift for ÁÉÍÓÚ


How to type a fada on Mac

To type a fada on an Apple Mac computer follow these steps:

  • Hold down Alt Option + vowel for áéíóú
  • Hold down Alt Option + vowel + shift for ÁÉÍÓÚ

If that doesn't work then update your keyboard settings and add the “English - Irish” keyboard by going to System Preferences>Keyboard>Input Sources.

Be careful - don't pick the Irish Extended keyboard because that causes problems with Microsoft Word:

Another way to type a fada on on Apple Mac is this slightly more involved way:

  • Hold down the vowel until a row of character options appears on screen, and then press the number below the one you want to get áéíóú
  • Hold down shift and the vowel until the character options appear on screen in a numbered row, and then press the number under the one you want for ÁÉÍÓÚ


How to do a fada on phone

The best way to put a fada over a letter on your phone doesn't actually depend on the type of phone you have. If you've an iPhone or Android see below for the best way to get an Irish fada on a keyboard on your phone:


How to type a fada on iPhone

Typing a fada on an iPhone is pretty straightforward using the built-in keyboard:

  • Hold down the vowel and slide over to get áéíóú
  • Tap shift, then hold vowel down and slide for ÁÉÍÓÚ


How to type a fada on Android

It's pretty easy to type a fada on Android phones once you know how:

  • Tap and long press the vowel and slide over to get áéíóú
  • Tap shift, then hold vowel down and slide for ÁÉÍÓÚ


So there you have it - there are quick and easy ways to type a fada on a keyboard or phone these days once you've been shown how to do it. And believe it or not, a síneadh fada can even help protect you from fraudsters:

Which of these techniques for typing a fada is your favourite? Let me know in the comments...



  • @Vera, ba chóir go n-oibreodh AltGr + guta in Outlook freisin má tá an méarchlár ceart roghnaithe i Windows chun na sínte fada a chlóscríobh le AltGr i Word cheana féin.

    Diarmaid Mac Mathúna
  • Go raibh maith agat as an cheacht faoi ‘AltGr’ + guta in MS Word: tá mé tar éis giorrúcháin mhéarchláir a úsáid leis na blianta fada. – Faraor d’éirigh sé níos deacra iad a chruthú ar MS Outlook – bhí ctrl+alt+guta maith go leor ach le cúpla mí anuas ní oibríonn sé leis an ‘é’ a thuilleadh. An mbeadh leid agatsa a Dhiarmaid?

    Vera Moynes
  • Pointe maith – faraor ní féidir sínte fada a úsáid i seoltaí Gmail.

    Diarmaid Mac Mathúna
  • Sineadh fada faoi thrí í m’ainm gan ceann ar bith sá seoladh riomh-phoist.

    Padráig Ó Gallachóir

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