How to do the Foclach Game - 3 Tips for the Irish Wordle

The popularity of the Foclach game (the Irish Wordle) really has taken everyone by surprise.

It now has 20,000 daily users. Tá beagnach 20,000 duine á imirt gach lá.

Here are my top 3 tips for how to do the Foclach word game...



And here's a direct link to the Foclach website: 

What are your tips for doing Foclach? What's your own favourite seed word? Let me know in the comments... Inis dom anseo...



  • @Leo, Iontach – fair play!

    Diarmaid Mac Mathúna
  • In today’s Foclach (30/01/2023) I entered GÍOGA as my penultimate guess and before I successfully guessed the solution(PÍOPA) the g on the qwerty keyboard was still showing itself as available even though after entering GÍOGA the letter g came up as a no – no so to speakI still got there in the end had I not noticed myself that the g was off the menu.

    Leo Egan
  • @Adrian – suimiúil, GRMMA!

    Diarmaid Mac Mathúna
  • For seed words I like anuas and maith.

  • Mar eolas: Thugamar rud aisteach faoi deara inné. Bhí ÉIGSE againn mar chéad tomhas agus fuarthas dath oráiste don I cé nach raibh I ar bith sa fhreagra (ÍOMHÁ)?

    Tomás de Buitléir

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