Why we chose Shopify for our website

Switching our website over to the Shopify platform (from GoDaddy's old website builder) has hopefully made finding out about our range of Irish language software easier for our website's visitors. It certainly has made it easier for us to manage how we showcase our products and create special offers for both GaelSpell and Anois.

We were originally going to switch to Squarespace but comparing the two using the feature comparisons and reviews by our friends over at Style Factory convinced us that Shopify was the better fit for what we wanted to do on the ecommerce side of things. The digital downloads features in particular have really simplified the software delivery for both us and our customers and it's nice that our experience has now been featured on the Style Factory blog's Shopify review. Here's their video about it:


But if you're not necessarily after an ecommerce focussed website platform, then check out their recently updated Squarespace vs Wix blog post for an indepth comparison of those two services.

Unsurprisingly, we're also big fans of Office 365 here because our software is optimised to work with Microsoft Word. These days, Word is constantly getting new features and is catching up fast with Google docs in terms of online collaboration tools. The team at Style Factory have also written a "vs" comparison piece comparing Office 365 with Google's G Suite apps that you might find useful.

What do you think of our new website? Do you find this type of Shopify-powered site easier to use than our old one? Let us know in the comments or by e-mail! GRMA!


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