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Anois - Irish Grammar Checker (Windows)

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Anois is the most popular Irish grammar checker for Microsoft Word. It combines the powerful Gramadóir grammar engine with the GaelSpell Irish spelling checker in one easy to use and easy to install package.

Irish Grammar Checker Features

  • Checks Irish grammar inside Microsoft Word
  • Automatically suggests corrections to many common mistakes
  • Package includes GaelSpell Irish spelling checker
  • Powerful Irish grammar engine Gramadóir checks for hundreds of Irish grammar rules
  • Includes sophisticated bonus Irish thesaurus feature
  • Works on Windows computers

Anois checks Irish grammar seamlessly and quickly inside Microsoft Word for Windows. Anois's integrated An Gramadóir grammar engine catches common problems associated with séimhiú's and urú's at the beginning of words and many other more complicated Irish grammar rules too. Its built-in Irish spelling checker (GaelSpell) also checks Irish spelling as you type and will help spot when you've missed a fada on "focloir" instead of "foclóir" (or even, ironically spelled "Gramadoir" instead of "Gramadóir.") It'll save you significant time because you won't have to go back and forth to an Irish dictionary.

Checking Irish Grammar in Microsoft Word

Anois works with the full version of Microsoft Word on most Windows desktops and laptops. We're pleased to offer a full refund if the software doesn't work on your computer for any reason.

Lifetime License for Anois Irish Grammar Checker

The price includes a lifetime license for this version of Anois.

Using a smartphone to order our Irish Grammar Checker

On a mobile device at the moment like a smartphone or tablet? No problem - order now and we'll e-mail you a link so that you can download it straight to your desktop or laptop later on.