Anois Irish Grammar Checker: Complete Guide [Updated 2021]

Update: GaelGram is now available as well as Anois

"Thinking about buying Anois? I wanted to let you know that my latest Irish grammar checker GaelGram is now available because it's even more powerful than my original Anois software. GaelGram is my new online Irish grammar checker that works in the cloud. It'll check your Irish grammar and Irish spelling - and even suggest automatic corrections. It works on laptops, tablets and phones via web browsers and includes downloadable add-ins for Word, just like Anois and GaelSpell. Click here to find out more about GaelGramThere's a free trial available of GaelGram too."

- Diarmaid Mac Mathúna, Founder, Cruinneog


What is Anois?

Anois is one of the most popular Irish grammar checkers for Microsoft Word on Windows computers. It combines the powerful Gramadóir grammar engine with the GaelSpell Irish spelling checker in one easy to use package.

In this guide I share four valuable tips for using Anois to help correct Irish grammar and spelling - including how to install Anois and the Irish thesaurus feature for power users.



How to Use the Anois Irish grammar checker

Here are four tips for making the most of Anois:

1. The Irish spelling checker feature of Anois will work automatically as you type in Word (just like GaelSpell). It will underline words that are not correct in Irish (or English) with a red line, and if you right click on the word it will give you suggestions for corrections. You can also use this right-click feature to Add new words to the list.

2. To access the Irish grammar checking features of Anois, please click on the Anois menu on the right hand side at the top of the screen. Then click on the Spelling & Grammar button on the top left. This opens a side panel where you can click Check Now to check that you've written. That window also has options to check all the text or just the selected text. And if Anois finds what it thinks are mistakes they will appear highlighted in this window and you can choose whether to accept any suggestions or corrections Anois makes.

3. The Options / Roghanna button at the bottom right opens up a screen with options for the interface language (English or Irish) and dialect.

4. The built-in Irish Thesaurus can also be accessed via the Anois menu. Simply type an Irish word in the text box at the top of the window that appears when you click Thesaurus, and then click Seiceáil. Anois will then check for other related words.



How To Install the Anois Irish Grammar Checker

Installing the Anois the Irish grammar checker or "gramadóir" takes just a few simple steps:

1. Download the Anois installer from the link that you receive in your order confirmation email. You should get that email within a minute or two after you order Anois from the Cruinneog website. (Didn't get the link? Get in touch and I'll send you a new one...)

2. Double-click on the downloaded file. It'll usually be located in your computer's Downloads folder.

3. Follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions to finish the installation.

I've uploaded a video that shows the process here:

If you get a message to Change/Repair/Remove Anois then please select Remove before running the installer one more time. 

Troubleshooting tips for the Anois grammar checker add-in by Cruinneog

After you install Anois it should appear as a menu in Word (near the top right).

But if you don't see the Anois menu option in Word then please try these extra troubleshooting steps:

Open Microsoft Word and use the following instructions to manage and install the Anois add-in.

  1. Click File > Options > Add-Ins.

  2. Select the add-in type "COM Add-ins"

  3. Click Go.

  4. Select the Anois add-in to add / activate it.


Is there an Apple Mac version of Anois?

Right now, Anois only works on Windows computers that have Microsoft Word. That's because it won't work on Apple Macs for technical reasons. But we are working on a cloud version of Anois called GaelGram that will work on Apple computers too. It's due for release in early 2021. So right now the best option for Apple Mac users is our Irish spelling checker GaelSpell for Mac which is available for Microsoft Word on Apple computers.



Anois will save you significant time when you're writing in Irish because you won't have to go back and forth to an Irish dictionary or foclóir to check Irish grammar and Irish spelling.

I hope you find these tips useful - leave a comment or get in touch to let me know how Anois helps you write in Irish more easily. 


- Diarmaid Mac Mathúna






  • @Joshua: Fáilte romhat. Hope you find the thesaurus useful!
    @Nóra: Good question! Anois costs €65.

    Diarmaid Mac Mathúna
  • How much does it cost Diarmuid?

  • Thanks Diarmaid, Níor d’úsáid mé an teasáras fós. Tá súil agam(I expect) go gcabhróidh sé liom le mo chuid scríbhneoireachta, agus mo stór focal a thógáil.

    Joshua Prescott

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