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Fundraising for charity cycling and other blog posts

Some of you will know that I do a few other things when I'm not working on projects like the Irish spelling checker GaelSpell or our Irish grammar checker Anois. So I've decided to set up a new blog to bring some of those together.

Diarmaid Mac Mathuna blog screen shot

My snazzy new personal blog is over at the creatively entitled Diarmaid Mac Mathúna Blog (although people sometimes spell my name as Diarmaid Mac Mathuna or even Diarmuid Mac Mathuna).

Apart from covering data-driven marketing from an Irish marketing context time to time, a few of my recent blog posts include:

  1. How to pronounce Diarmaid
  2. Fundraising for Charity Cycling: 3 Ideas
  3. Spend less time on Facebook in 5 steps:
  4. Best charities to donate to 2018: How to pick the best Irish charity for you
  5. Cycling clothing Ireland complete guide which is my new 2019 list of cycling gear tips

Head on over to my blog to read more about these topics and stay tuned here for more Irish language related blog posts.


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