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How to stop Word changing "i" to "I" in Irish

One of the most frustrating things about typing in Irish in Microsoft Word is that it keeps changing a lower case "i" to an uppercase "I" automatically. But there's an easy solution.

It can really break your flow when you're typing when this happens. Worse still all those capital I's have a habit of sneaking into final documents which just look like lots of silly typos.

I used to struggle with this a lot until a few years ago when I realised how easy it was to fix...

Check out my video to see how to fix this in less than 2 minutes:


Here's a step-by-step guide for Microsoft Word for Windows:

1. Go up to the File menu inside Microsoft Word

2. Select Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options 

3. Click in the box marked Replace and type a lowercase "i" in that box

4. Select the line in the list showing a lowercase "i" will be replaced with an uppercase "I"

5. Click on Delete 

6. Click on OK and then OK again to close the windows.


Hope you find this tip useful!

Go raibh maith agat,





  • @Brittany, You’re right – it is annoying that Microsoft Word autocorrects those words too. But it’s pretty quick to remove them from the autocorrect list in the same way I describe here. And you only have to do it once! :)

    Diarmaid Mac Mathúna
  • Unfortunately, it’s not just “I” vs. “i”. “Siad” gets ‘corrected’ to “said”, “againn” gets ‘corrected’ to “again”. And so on. There needs to be another way to deal with this.

    Because I’m on a Mac, I can switch to Pages, which doesn’t auto ‘correct’. Yay!

  • Leid íontach.

    Frank Fox
  • @Gemma, Good question. And I’ve just published a blog post all about typing a fada:

    Diarmaid Mac Mathúna
  • How do I add Fada to my words?


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